We support Accessibility applications with our domestic design and manufacturing products.


We manufacture Emergency Exit Routing System solutions with Audible and Sound Announcement for the evacuation of all disabled and non-disabled individuals in possible emergencies.
According to the architectural structure of the buildings, the system describes the fire exit corridors and the areas where the fire doors are located with sound and light support, allowing rapid access without support from others. You can reach Platinum Technology experts for detailed information and products.

It is the creation of wired-wireless panic alarm systems in the corded wet area (WC Washbasin) in order to quickly identify possible emergency and help requests among the necessary precautions to be taken for our elderly, sick and disabled individuals to continue their lives comfortably and safely in all areas.


We offer wireless disabled assistance and call system solutions that will increase the comfort of life of individuals who need help due to reasons such as the disabled, elderly, sick, etc., and that will enable them to reach and get help quickly in the difficulties and problems they experience due to the architectural and physical conditions of the buildings.

The most intense problem experienced by the hearing impaired individuals who have to use headphones, especially in the public space, is the communication problem with the other person due to the background noise created by environmental sounds. You can get support from Platinum Technology experts for Solution with Induction Loop.

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Especially with the disabled person who is asleep and having difficulty of hearing, they cannot hear the siren sounds in emergency situations that require fire and evacuation.
Platin Teknoloji offers wireless solutions for individuals with hearing difficulties that enable you to communicate in emergency situations. For detailed information, you can get support from Platin Technology experts.

The use of audible and illuminated sirens to warn individuals with hearing / hearing impairments in emergency situations is described in accessible project applications and fire regulations. It is an effective and accessible evacuation solution for the hearing impaired individuals by turning the sirens of the fire system, which is active in situations requiring emergency evacuation, such as fire, water - flood, earthquake, terrorist incidents, etc.

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Acoustic audible pedestrian warning device is an acoustic impaired light audible warning device that alerts visually impaired citizens to be aware of the situation in their surroundings, especially in traffic lights, pedestrian crossings in risky areas, and that controls the ambient sound and light intensity instantly and balances the output power according to the situation of the outside.

It is an integrated solution that enables disabled and unimpeded individuals to reach emergency exits with our product that functions as an audible exit luminaire.It can be connected to conventional siren lines of all fire detection systems independent of the brand. You can integrate it into lighting automation with the branch connection option.


Effective care and safety automation for Elderly, Sick and Handicapped individuals living alone or in need of care at home. Automation solutions for public institutions and municipalities that provide disabled and elderly support services

Dementia, Alzheimer, etc. With amnesia diseases, the cases of loss are increasing in elderly people living alone. determination of the area where the patient is located, tracking of going beyond the specified limits and preventing loss cases with solutions.

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Panic button solutions that enable all disabled and non-disabled individuals to quickly access help from the relevant unit in a possible health, security, etc. panic situation.