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We offer early fire detection solutions in areas that are difficult to resolve with conventional fire alarm equipment.

beam dedektör ile yangın algılama

Optical Beam Smoke Detector is used to provide "wide area" smoke detection. These are generally practical. Traditional point type detector is used in environments where installation and operation is difficult. (installation, wiring and maintenance) It also provides wide coverage at low cost. Optical Beam Smoke Detectors are ideal for high ceilings, dusty and dirty environments, or you may encounter extremely hot environments.

hava örneklemeli yangın algılama ve ihbar

Very sensitive air sampling smoke detectors guarantee the high performance you need in all kinds of applications where it is difficult to detect smoke with conventional methods and the results are not sufficient. Sensitive and stable fire detection is possible with laser detectors, whether it is very clean, very dirty, very high, or very narrow and inaccessible.

kablo tipi yangın algılama

Linear Heat Detection is a versatile and economical fire detection product. Designed for use in a wide range of fire and heat detection applications where maintenance access is in the physical or hazardous area and / or where there is a requirement that cost-effective fire detection is near danger, Linear cable is suitable for harsh environmental conditions.

müze kablosuz yangın algılama

It is used for the detection of fire and wireless operation of all necessary equipment in places such as museums, historical artifacts, Yali, etc. It has been implemented in many projects throughout Turkey and its excellence has been registered.
Although all equipment works with batteries, batteries are long-lasting. The panel and all equipment in the field provide two-way communication online. Apart from the alarm information, information on pollution, battery level, communication status can be followed online.

Atık Yönetiminde yangın riski termal kamera ile önlenir

As of 2019, VDS has deemed it suitable for use of thermal cameras for early fire detection solutions in difficult and risky areas. A panoramic heat map is created in the thermal camera risky area. Operational temperatures are determined separately for each point on this map. The heat map is updated instantly and the detection scenario starts to be applied in case the temperature changes exceed the determined limits. In this way, fire is detected before it occurs.

solo duman dedektörü test.png

Testing and regular maintenance of fire detection system equipment established by making serious investments in enterprises are among the needs that are ignored in our country. Platin Technology has offered suitable test gases, cleaning and control apparatus for all detector types such as smoke, heat, gas and carbon monoxide, which make up the fire detection system, to the use of professional operating and fire system maintenance companies.

en 54-4 sertifikalı güç  kaynağı

In the fire detection system integration applications, the need for the increasing use of power supplies that feed all equipment included in the system and the EN54-4 compliance requirements of all equipment included in the fire detection system, UPS function power supply with battery charging feature has arisen.

sigara ve tütün dumanı algılama ve alarm dedektörü

We offer cigarette smoke detection and alarm system solutions with detectors that detect the smoke of products that are prohibited, harmful to health and pose a risk to use in businesses.